Peace Negotiations

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2021 Meininghaus, Esther: “In Theory. A New Local Turn for Track One Peace Process Research: Anthropological Approaches”, in: Journal of Negotiation, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 325-359. DOI: 10.1111/nejo.12371.

2021 Meininghaus, Esther und Katja Mielke: “Meaningful Political Participation. Lessons Learnt from UN Mediation in Afghanistan and Syria.” BICC Policy Brief 3/2021.

2021 Mielke, Katja und Esther Meininghaus: “Engaging Refugees and Migrants as Peace Advocates. How Germany can contribute to Peace in Syria and Afghanistan.” BICC Policy Brief 2/2021.

2019 Meininghaus, Esther and Katja Mielke :“Beyond Doha and Geneva: Peacemaking Engagement of Afghans and Syrians in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany.“ BICC Working Paper 11/2019. Bonn: BICC.

2017 Meininghaus, Esther: “Is there Hope? Peace Negotiations as Moments of Exception in an Era of Post-Politics.” In S. Heinke (Ed.), BICC Annual Report 2017, pp. 10-17. negotiations-as-moments-of-exception-in-an-era-of-post-politics-in-s-heinke/

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